amy will you send me yours (for mailing stuff)? 000107
Chrity go to:
unhinged i usually don't make public blather search announcements, but i would just like the person that e-mailed me today and didn't leave their screenname to please e-mail me to tell me what it is. i would like to watch back. 011214
god just me. sorry to seem like i'm stalking you. 011215
ClairE Almost like command.

The iron_fist_in_the_velvet_glove.
Mahayana: Zakah: Sangha Jewels of Refuge 1 : archaic : to direct to go :
[since i know not where U are from we shall not take the archaic route]

2 : to direct the efforts or attention of (oneself):
[will address him or her self to the problem, but is there a problem?]

3 : archaic : to make ready:
[shall i make u ready to watch, even though my words pale in comparison to yours?]

4 : to mark directions for delivery :
[address ( a letter, oh wait U already have that]

5 : to greet by a prescribed form
[- - - enter greeting here - - -]

6 : to adjust the club preparatory to hitting:(a golf ball) [fourrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr]

7 : to identify (as a peripheral or memory location) by an address or a name for information transfer:
[Mahayana: Zakah: Sangha Jewels of Refuge]
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