Q I'm reacting
Words, pictures, music, touch
I'm ready to act
kt the falsiness in everyone... the way people put on a fake show to make everyone happy when that is not the case. 000612
silvre the feeling of being someone else. the pressure is off because it is not your words you are performing. it is not yourself you are performing. 000907
Sol scene 1 act one.

dont wait for the end, its a long time coming
phil If I am an actor, am I really acting? 010424
Alexander Beetle Even I can't tell, sometimes. I'm either brilliant or a fool. Why are the two so often indistinguishable? 011029
ilovepatsajak my fever burns me deeper than i've ever shown 011116
chickee something that i'm not very good at 030613
sprhrgrl always. 030804
me! usually putting on an act.

(and I don't even know it)
bricks taking it soon, wheeeee. 060317
what's it to you?
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