silentbob leader 050929
mustard i miss you.

you were great to know for awhile.

i will always think of the velvet underground, evax, and feel good lost when i think of you. your futon. your basement. your smell, your house-smell, your soft mauve blanket. dropping you off at work. looking at the human fish in the human aquarium at noodles & company in silver spring. tropical ice cream. seeing the deer in the woods. portland. getting wendys and smoking in my basement. showers. listening to you play drums. doing it in the back seat of my volvo. driving home at 6 a.m.

wearing a black t-shirt and jacket when we went to dinner with your dad and thinking, "am i good enough for your son?"

i wish it could've been longer.

it's my fault.


it was life.

we had fun, a little, a lottle, right?

oh, i'm an old woman.

what's it to you?
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