Quintessensual cream you mean?

oh yes, sometimes straight and sometimes whipped
YummyToppings Delicious 030705
YummyToppings anytime, anywhere, and always 030705
bespeckled what the fuck ... feel free to fuck around with "test pages" all you want, but stay away from the normal pages, pleeeeeaaaassseeeee 030705
jane i think i deserve a good whipping. 030705
. 040721
egger my meat and i have dropped connection.

i need everything on the menu, and a few special orders. stat.

shit, she's gone flatline...
hyena go cut me a switch, boy... 050720
little wishes And so she knelt on her bed in the darkness,
And with a finger working in each hole,
She whipped herself with her belt,
Just to feel what it was like.

And she liked what she felt.
what's it to you?
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