Quilk in complete innocence, obviously, i thought walmart, kmart, target, shopko, etc. parking lots at 4 AM were places for vomiting, not pooping. don't the bars close at that time, or is that just on weekend nights? 000224
danielle adams why do i keep geting sick all the time and it is mostly on the weekdays before school and my parents dont believe me 010319
girl_jane Every hour, on the hour. I'm really not liking this...can't I sleep? 020525
elise "if you blow chunks and she stays,
she's yours."
i would play nurse for my
boyfriend if he were sick.
like vomiting sick. just because i'm nice like that.
i would give him a sponge bath
and tell him stories
and sleep in the bathroom with him
just in case he needs me and
my bedroom is too far away.
what's it to you?
who go