yoink you came from far away to see again

as i sit here at 4:29 am, i look to my left and can't help but find your sweet breathing to be beautiful music
the way your head crushes the pillow into a forgiving little fluff and your hair dances gently with the movement of the air from the fan

the way you curl your legs up

the way you shift and turn

the way your face glimmers in the light of the computer screen

the way your soft face twitches with whatever sweet dreams you are having

you are so peaceful and content, and so unaware...

that i am mesmerized

and that as much as i want to be here, i want to be downstairs
so i can forget
but i want to be here and remember


how beautiful you are, and how beautiful you'll always be

in my heart, in my ears, in my eyes, and in my soul
what's it to you?
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