sameolme Well the goths have a page, and we sacked Rome before they did.
What great poet has put them in a song?
"the Vandals took the handles"
We created one of the great world religons in Vandalism, how many practicing Gothists do you know?
We also have more letters in our name.
So there!
Count Crackula Vandals are not propper evining atire.
andru235 funny, that we slander our modern graffiti artists with this term :

the vandals, historically, seem to have been an illiterate bunch, whereas it was the "civilized" romans who covered their towns, indoor and out, with slogans, advertisements, and miscellania (art too). there are but few indications of the vandals ever being "vandals".

from the ruins of pompeii:

"Paris his fuit" [ 'Paris' was here ]

"blah blah blah" (can't remember the latin) [ how truly sturdy are our walls / to not collapse 'neath so many scrawls! ]
andru235 gah! [[[ Paris hiC fuit ]]] 051108
andru235 sacking aside, of course 051108
andru235 might as well blathe here, once more. 051108
andru235 it is the vandals page, after all. 051108
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