unhinged he sat reading dharma_punx where he could see the door and i helped him drain a pitcher 100305
Strideo those uptowners gotta pay some high rent.
unhinged a dive bar on the corner of center and humboldt

i always liked it for it's youngstown esque appeal
unhinged 'i went in there to see tattoo bob and let him know i was cleaned up. he introduced me to a girl at the end of the bar. she looked like you; we vibed really hard like me and you did at first. we did vibe really hard at first didn't we?'


'i was out tonight talking at some girls and one of them smelled like you did when we first got together so i sat and talked to her cause she smelled like you'

have you noticed lately that a lot of girls you talk at remind you of me? that i am not easily made jealous?
what's it to you?
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