unhinged frank gets this face when things's a most adorable mannerism i've picked up from him along with saying buh-bye and boohby and all sorts of other weird things that you wouldn't think a supposed bad-ass would say. but anyways, the_frank_face; it's kind of hard to describe. he scrunches up his nose and kind of snarls a little bit; i guess he's too used to having his hands tangled up with the guitar to make the universal symbol of rock. but i don't bother with the horns anymore; when things rock i scrunch up my face and nod my head. 030828
unhinged so news on the street is that the album is almost done being mixed and/or is done or something and they are just waiting for the financing to print it. and i had that weird fucked up dream last night about it...and i've been singing rot and blood all day...these things, these are the things that induce the_frank_face. damn, i miss my boys. 030909
unhinged or the_scrunchy_face

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the_frank_face with dimples
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