jennifer I am made up of many different things
my mannerisms
my dialect
my little idiosyncrasies
my every little intricately fucked up part
it all makes up
and if you take one piece away
one undesirable strand
then the whole tapestry unravels
and I am undone

I am a part of me
and you are a part of me

I just wish I could say that I
was a part of you too
silentbob gouging flesh and skin
ripping and tearing it off the bone
unleashing the blood
let it flow
aint it cool?
Throw the epidermis onto the floor.
do it again
seventeen corpses all in a pretty little line
sew them together.
make myself a quilt.
i will keep warm tonight with the fat over-fed flesh of the American citizen
and ya aint just whistlin' dixie!
megan reminds me of fleetwood mac... how she went up a hill and turned around.. sound familiar to anyone's lives? 021214
littleidiot "this is a castle and we have MINI tapestries!" 021214
Mr. ~ Blather, ever the ~! 080717
steampunkrock the best Carole King album... 080718
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