It appears as though SciTrek is just a front for some sort of secret research facility. The sterile white hallway you are in runs north and south. On the west side, through a large viewing window, you can see two men in lab coats working on a complex machine. It seems that they haven't noticed you. The door to their lab is slightly ajar and you can hear bits of their conversation:
Scientist 1 "It appears that there is a particle of preeminent matter caught in the matrix"
Scientist 2 "Hmm, yes, I think we should recalibrate and run the differentiated_idioblast scenario"
Scientist 1 "agreed"

On the east side of the hall is another lab with a large observation window. It looks like a big machine sits inside. The door to this lab is marked with a sign that says "EXTREME DANGER"

Go south into the SciTrek muesium: ST0020
Go north to the end of the hall: ST0025
Go east into the lab: ST0024
correction: formerly sterile. 060324
u24 oh-oh! extreme danger! awesome! 080114
u24 ...and a few minutes later:

You see a flaming u24 running in the opposite direction screaming for water. To follow him, click [here], otherwise, click [here]

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