dez I prefer solitaire to charades. 000114
freakizh primary state of man.

the god,
the flowers
and all that crappy world.
~gez~ i own therefore i am . solitare unraveling , mushroomhead . " ill be glad when these freaks grow up and start to make a living just like everybody else " 020808
thefuddyduddy It makes me sad how I can sit at this very computer, and entertain myself for hours upon hours, playing a computerized card game. Solitaire.

I bet you didn't know that there are more types of solitare than species of nuts. Peanut. Spider solitaire. Cashew. Freecell solitaire. Walnut. Golf solitaire. The possibilities are endless.

I am young. I should be romping around in fields of gold. Yet I sit here, in the dark, and glide my mouse over the miniature cards. It's pathetic. But I'm am addict.
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