fucked once too often Fuck this fucking house.
Give me some other place to live.
Give me some other place where I CAN live,
instead of sitting here dying slowly.
IT's all soooo fucked.
It's all fucked to hell.
I can't afford anything else,
I spend money to try and relieve my depression,
and have none left to move on with.

I am buried under here somewhere,
being so heavily smothered by the day.
If I were elsewhere I could face the daylight,
but here I only want to sleep through it.
If I were elsewhere I could live the day through,
but here I only want to end it.

Give me someplace else to live,
someplace where I can live,
instead of dying slowly each day.
h|s|g This world is so fuct. I have to wonder if my soul is sustainable. Simply, we live nonsustainably. It's obvious on the material_plane so I have to wonder about sustainable_consciousness It would seem that if our extension of our idea of self is paralleled to what we would need to do to survive on this Earth than for continuous_consciousness kindness would be the only manner my will could handle forever. The commonality is communication affecting a sort of synergy that is indispensable. 110307
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