paste! listen to the hairs ramming against the feathers.

you bet against me coming back into hearts and now you have fortunes.

the dissolved buffalo are sleeping.

there is a mile of cliff on your neck that is very out of reach and very unnavigated.

it is lost that estimations are only good on other plantets.

in the vacant structure, there is only a glow in the corner. the beams are fine, the ceiling has held up, a velocity exists that can leave the area without reason. the glow shatters and rebinds 130 times a minute. it follows itself, but in the way that it shatters it seems apparent that it stretches out for the walls, or the windows, as if that is an act of bleeding by expanding out of its region. it seems that just recently it was constrained to this corner. it originated from the sun like everything else.

i miss you future darling.
phil today 020729
susie Into existence
Away from this life
Fly, fly away.
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