scuzz I got to see the whole shebang today. Not as exciting as I had anticipated, but I guess that's part of it. Now I'm listening to the big shebang of music I compiled onto my cd while eating this shebang of food. Reading the Beef Brief sure was the shebang of my day. 030508
just wondering is that anything like shebop? 030607
no reason what about a hebang? 030607
a sweet girl he bangs, he bangs
i'm wasted by the way he moves
no one ever looked so fine
he reminds me that a man
only got one thing on his mind... to me, tell me the news
you wear me out like a pair of shoes
we'll dance until the band goes home
then you're gone yeah, baby

or, i am. either way, what ever happened to ricky martin? it's like he just disappeared from the billboard.

the whole shebang is done.
what's it to you?
who go