squint not. me. 020502
squint (got it?!) 020502
Fire&Roses Sell out, with me, oh yeah,
Sell out, with me tonight,
The record company's gonna give me lots of money
And everything's gonna be alright.

~Reel Big Fish
whome So idealistic.

Everyone is a hypocrite. Everyone has to compromise. Even our desires contradict themselves and we must betray one to fulfill another.
Trixie Yes indeed by the time you reach 150 years old you are quite aware that you can't have everything your own way. It doesn't mean you can't try. It doesn't mean that maybe you cannot suggest that you have an idea and it is super-sized great. Or you could try to sneak around the sell-out parts and squeeze in secret trippy ideas that the company doesn't know, that would not be good. I'm never for real. 040217
JustOnMonday How could I of sold out if I never sold in? 040803
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