birdmad the waves against the rocks

the fine powder sand

the moon over the tides
fairydust i tasted sea water
it blistered on my skin
and stung my chapped lips
and i bit them and looked at you
in the sun
smelling of the sea
with sand stuck to your skin,
skin, a brown that no matter how much i tanned, i could never attain.
a brown that says who you are,
and i am too but so far inside,
they will never see.
but you are golden and beautiful
and i am satisfied to stare at you,
and wish i was someone else,
so you would stare at me too.
beck sea_change
you can't see it
but you will
april n seascape. 040131
nonsensical sea-girls
riding the waves
selfi lake_water is the closest to sea_water that i've ever seen. it is still, silent, and dark; a cold reminder of where i long to be. 051107
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