Q Is the centuries-old guy who lives under the bed St. Joe? Virgin Mary's hubby and patron saint of workers? Her nightlight hasn't been shining on him lately. He needs to get out from under the bed and overthrow the WTO. He's also too old to be playing cards with a girl all night, even if her nightlight does shine on them. 000701
MollyGoLightly Old Joe's out walking the streets with his anti-globalization placard. But he's really just wandering around my neighborhood, so it's not getting much accomplished.

My card-partner is a boogeyman made out of dirty laundry and dust bunnies. And big teeth. I don't know where his big teeth came from. I think his momma had big teeth.
grendel the boogeyman is one of my cousins.

him, the closet monster
the evil-tree-shadow,
and our spicier, more flamboyant southwestern cousin... el_cucui
typhoid sait joe, hehe. joeism. sitting at the stoplight at the cul_de_sac off the busy street making the traffic signal stop all the people coming down the road.. imitating dirk gently's method of finding interesting things, following a car that looks like it knows where its goin.. midnight stop at dennys for some country fried potatoes and a butterfinger milkshake, fishing for furbys in the claw machine, comparing the contents of our pockets 000702
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