fallen there is this one THING that i can't say no to.....there is this one boy....that i cannot say no to....and i just need to find that one know the one....the one who can't say no to me 010214
guitar_freak "I'm just a girl. Standing in front of a boy. Asking him to love her."
-that one movie (i forgot)-
silentbob i didnt even see that fucking movie and i know what it was
Notting Hill
soia I, myself, girl, alone
and all in all you just wanted to break down the wall
stupidpunkgirl i'm just some girl
that you used
and then you left me all alone
Frizzie i one time saw this. I tried to eat my hair, or brush it one of the two then my grandma ate it...

Is that what you call it...

guitar_freak thanks bobby! my memory is a little hazy a lot of the time 010305
chanaka she's just a girl, a girl
a girl you want

soundgarded doing devo
mikey Soundgarden. what an awesome name for a band ive always felt their name was one of the most simply creative band names ive ever heard. so simply yet it peaks interest simply based on the name. 010306
soia it would be, if they hadn't taken it from someone else (a place) 010306
mikey i know they did but as simply saying its an amazing name for a musical group..that is what i love. its a grand name for a musical group. 010306
blue star Sometimes it feels like I have to work for the title. 010306
mikey if you work for something it means more. if you dont have to work for something what comes fast goes fast.

just wish i could take my own advice.
blue star I shouldn't have to work for the title of "girl". I have all the parts, I have the estrogen, and the cycle necessary to qualify me as female. If I have to work for recognition as such then being a girl would suck. 010307
mikey some girls act and appear to be boys. its a persona a feeling there are girls who dont seem like a "girl". 010308
nocturnal sometimes I feel like I'm that kind of girl, maybe it's because all my friends here are guys and they're always telling me I'm just "one of the guys." I'm a girl dammit!!! 010308
twiggie whenever i see this word i start singing in my head "kiss the girl" from the little mermaid...
and when i think of the little mermaid i think of the scary lady from the masque theater saying that walt disney should be crucified.
namae I am growing more and more convinced that they are a myth 010801
blue star I AM a girl. I AM. 020118
pralines&cream tits
psychobabe a girl i've been
a girl i'll always be
sadly i'm a chick
(same thing)
going to be a woman
almost there
have to decide
make decisions
*sigh* so confusing
jinx --the red version of girl_jane 020217
kitty sometimes i am a little girl, and sometimes i feel like a woman. i think i will always be a bit of both, even when i become old, i hope. i still want to giggle at silly inside jokes when i'm old. like a girl does. 020320
damaged smooth skin, self loathing, scar tissue and perfume

that's what little girls are made of.
jinx ooohhhhhh....

That scar tissue...damn that scar tissue
belly fire candidly,
two steps ahead
and to the right,
hair drawn up in a messy half braid,
high upon her crown,
the rest hung in long, deeply red locks down her back,
a small leather pack on her shoulder,
carelessly wearing her pungent, overly-floral perfume
she seemed only a girl
calliope21 There once was a girl that I loved who meant everything to me. But I never told her...until it was too late. She is gone and deep in her own life. Sometimes I wish I could kick myself for being too stubborn. For only wanting what I cannot have. I still miss her. 041215
mon uow i remember the heat of
kamloops mid 1980's
4 or 5 playing
outside naked i
didn't want to
wear shirts
i argued
about pictures
i'd seen of
women in africa
when they told me
i had to cover myself
because i was a girl
i stomped
and ran and
took my clothes off


i took a mudbath
and i covered myself
in the garden dirt
i lost my sandals in there
little porky pig sandals

did i ever write this?


it's all snippets i recall
how cruel the world could feel

like when that bird died
it crashed into the glass

and it was all my fault
tilt girl, 16, in rape terror.
i hate tabloids.
filing cabinet hemispheres I'm a girl
I shave my head
I wear polka dots
And Stilettos
I like old movies
I like girls
And I'm beautiful
nom she had a doll
she was calling it "baby"
her grandma? or whoever
was encouraging her
to feed it imaginary strawberries

when asked what her "doll's name" was
she looked upset, and wouldn't talk to us
belly fire ...on the way! 130308
styx whoa! how wonderful! 130308
T. Rex O God
High in your fields above earth
Come and be real for us
You with your mind
Oh yes you are
Beautifully fine

O Girl
Electric witch you are
Limp in society's ditch you are
Visually fine
Oh yes you are
But mentally dying

O boy
Just like a boat you are
Sunk but somehow you float you do
Mentally weak
Oh yes you are
But so much you speak
what's it to you?
who go