amy "There is an old gypsy saying that goes
'If you ask two gypsies the exact same question, you will get three different answers' That is done to protect our language.
Lizst stole our music.
They also stole our dancing, the flamenco, dance of defiance. The flamenco is not a dance to show defiance towards some jilted lover. It is in defiance of -authority-."
sarpedon Ah, they said you
Would be the pinacle of civilization
The top of the world
Conquering all
Losing to none
Revered and held above in all time
That's what they said
Now the only things that are left
Are ruins and memories
Not even memories

Be not proud
Thy fame and glory
Can be so fleeting
spagettio tomato 000811
fall of a sparrow Roma. Amor.
They say Venice is the city of love and it can be I suppose.
Rome has the stomach for it though.
fall of a sparrow Oh, and FORZA ROMA, all you soccer fans out there... 030513
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