typhoid whispers in the darkness
remind us of warm starkness
that surrounds us and engulfs
all possible misery.

we are not alone (wouldn't be an oxymoron if we were?)
girl i dont feel the comfort of this when he is not in town 000327
MollyGoLightly Can't really count on anyone but yourself. Not even your car alarm. 000328
Brad I feel like i am, in some supernatural way. Call me crazy. 000328
dean-bean A charmed existance. The life of a fool, or the mad. Dance through the mine field and come out with both feet intact. Through all you money in a wishing-well, and find a hunk of gold in the road. Just be careful what you do, little fool--if your charm runs out you could quicly become the hanged man. 000328
shielded defended 070506
f i'm not proected by people who call me thick - but i am's ok.. it's the truth.

some people are sick.
what's it to you?
who go