Doar I'm laughing at the most simple of things now.

Where's my compartment in the dribbling fools home?

Lemon_Soda Right next to mine!

Sudoku, checkers, and boggle until we turn to dust!

Boy, I can't think of anyone m ore I would want to go t othe nuthouse/retirement home with than you Doar!
pete i'm on the other side of LS doar. i spend enough time talking to myself, to my books, and to thin air or forgetting the most obvious things after reminding myself not to that i'm seriously starting to think i'm going crazy 071205
downward facing dong yo doar, is this the nutritional component (ayurveda maybe) to fuck_yoga? and how do you put your ding ding into a pecan? 071205
Doar with great care and precision dfd.

oh my lord (geez I almost typed on my lord).

I'm hearing voices again in my head, saying "Welcome, welcome.".
Doar awww....you peeps are special....in a good way...

I think....:)
Doar Honestly I didn`t eat any monkey brains. 111015
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