sab cos its pretty hard doing it all by yourself.

wish i could create some people
they could run around my desk
skidding on all the papers
and leap into the soft tissues in my trashcan
they could joyously clamber up and down my shelves
and sleep soundly at night in my knickers drawer

and id create little dinosaurs too
hmm. maybe little housetrained dinosaurs
and let them roar and roam
free downstairs.
they could have epic wars with the mice
and they could laze around on sunshiney windowsills
and poke faces at the cats outside

and they could eat the coffee grounds.

little mini dinosaurs
caffinated up to the eyeballs
roaring and stomping all night
and lighting fires in the fridge.

maybe i wont let them eat the coffee grounds, after all.

i'll create my own little universe in this house
then step back and watch it evolve.

maybe i'll do a PhD on it.

and then i'd be Dr sab.
ive got a lab coat downstairs
i will go iron it in readiness
what's it to you?
who go