SomeoneElse Newguy is one dope mofo! He gives smiles as daily gifts and is never really aware that he does so, which really makes them all the more enrichening. I WUB HIM! 000405
Tink handed me my purple buttocks one time. not of the greatest stature but he's still got it anyway. 000408
h8r is currently crying that those guys from his favorite group are getting married. it hurts him so bad, i feel for ya kid.

really, i do.
Tank oh guru, oh magnificent one, i really am sorry that i took that software off my computer. i promise i'll try to not play in places i don't understand again... 000831
Tank i miss you... i wish you would come back from canada... well, only if you want to that is... 001229
newguy Someday....maybe :-) 030823
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