typhoid Free-ing; free-ing; free-ing fort-chun;
Loves the; loves the; the loser with
His gift; his gift; his gift of greed;
His gift; his gift; his gift of greed;

Con-sume; Con-sume-ming em-ty un
Yun rings; yun rings and feeling like
And feel; And feel; and feeling like a weed.

Lacking certain social
Graces like the names
Of those foreign faces
What more could he do?
He polished up the deli
Spread and put his mother
Back in bed and then he
Then he went home too.
nandita I am going NUTS wondering if it's for me or not. The comic - that's totally what's happening if it is meant for me.

And I can't think of a single thing to say or ask to find out. All I keep thinking is I must wait, must wait and hope that he'll wait too.
uhhhh What if it isn't? But then it wouldn't be in morse, right? It was we who used to use it... 090928
what's it to you?
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