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Missionary conversion

After some brief study of funny faith and science, we may enter the field as missionaries. We are still serious people, miserable sinners, without much clue how to save our own souls or anybody else's. Who could be more serious than missionaries? We don't have to change a thing. We are perfectly suited to our deadpan role.

Now if we preach the saving power of funniness, which has so obviously not worked on us, people will laugh at us. Halleluia! That means we're funny. We've been converted by our audience's disbelief.

The real purpose of missionary work is to convert ourselves. Never mind the customers. They are innocent foils for our spiritual process. The only thing we want from them is laughs. If we can do that we're funny. That's our spiritual exercise.

We have to make fools of ourselves to be saved. The funny mission provides a foolish enterprise to give
us that opportunity.
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