hedwig.child still loves roger,
is roger really jealous,
or afraid that mimi's weak?

mimi did look pale.

mimi's gotten thin,
mimi's runnin out of time,
roger's running out the door.
silentbob meow...HA! 001227
sweetheart of the song tra bong the feline of Avenue B 020820
silentbob mimi, i'm surprised, a bright and charming girl like you hangs out with these slackers, who don't adhere to deals
they make fun yet i am the one attempting to do some good
or do you really want a neighborhood where people piss on your stoop every night
bohemia! bohemia! is a fallacy in your head
this calcutta.
bohemia is dead!
june i agree one hundred percent

aren't bohemian fantasies sometimes tantalizing

you know you can't live the lie forever but it's worth a vain shot in the dark
maybe the real world is just too damn dry and practical all the time
what's it to you?
who go