W.C. Whose god do you pretend to be? What pantheon annointed you? Who gave you the right to test it--that which belongs to another man? Fye on you. 070316
fix what is god?

why do you give it a name?

everything is god if you want to give it a name?

i don't get it ...

why do the go to the moon before reaching the bottom of the ocean?

i was just wondering... maybe they will find the answers underneth their own house ?

why do they spend all that money to do that when the world is in such a state?

it was another ploy wasn't it .. because they were loosing the Vietnam war.. they needed to show their power.

its a shame but ... i don't klike to think of such negative things... it makes me sad.

theres no point in looking back... its only forward.

we have to save the seals and polar bears.

why can't it just be simple ?
it is simple evreything is ... if you just look at that beautiful flower.
what's it to you?
who go