I am loud!
donaldson I AM LOUD!! 990609
Zed I am woman hear me roar...

We used to sing that rather loudly.
Now, like ABBA, it is an embarassing reminder of youthful exuberance and arguments.

The outrage. The megaphones.
And I still do more housework.
sEth My friend Nick drives around in his Chevy truck with a cowboy hat and picks up on girls by talking to them through his megaphone. Hes fucking funny. 011110
CheapVodka friends sEth 011110
phil all lies, all lies
everything, just lies
blown lies, cloudless skies, motionless seas, drained soaking clothes, blanketed perfume
lying on the side
waiting to get blown down the drain
blown away insane
rusted settled caustic fundamental restless
more lies, growing lies, blowing lies, just lies, hopeless lies
lame Stop already got a megaphone, your voice sounds nicer when you speak softly into it. You'll get farther in life that way. Peace out. 020814
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