Q It has been a long time since my last confession.

Forgive me, for I have sinned. mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

I made a u instead of an e two times, once while in title and once while in text, both suggestive positions.

I suggested to one especially important person - in fact, I think it was you, my dear confessor - that unpursuasion might be a necessity or an option, when it is neither in my heart even if you would rather type. This I did once, I think; but I do believe it should be regarded as a lesser included offense under the making of u's in place of e's.

Please have mercy, a pleasant night's sleep, and a grand day tomorrow.
wesleann from latin:

mea = my, belonging to me
culpa = blame, fault

it was mea culpa that i failed latin.
mikey i love this Enigma song

"turn off the light"
"take a deep breath"
Effingham Fish my_bad 011101
Fire&Roses Je suis la et ailleurs
Je n'ai plus rien
Je deviens folle
Je m'abandonne

I remember you Mandy.
(enigma) je sais que c'est interdit. 040526
kx21 "Mea Culpa" 040526
a "point". The_mea_culpa_in_the_21st_century 041203
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