ofsuch my trunk latch broke again

and so i crawled through the backseat
with a flashlight on loan from hsg (thanks btw)

and found a nice broken piece

found it quite ironic

and had a sad laugh

drilled a screw into the latch
works for now

wondering if that will work for me too
hsg you can always laugh 040913
acidshank yes, the word latch its very important. (also known as match.. wordmouth mixups.haha)
a little skitzophrenic english orphan whos second self is known as faldark by his 'friends'. the ones that only visited sometimes. he was an acid baby, his parents left him. he was beaten, made to work in his uninhabitable state.
i still have to continue writing his story, but it will be epic. in my proportions. i have already made a abstract/modern/sqwakyeclectic art expression of latch. its just a bunch of string i taped together to form a person, added some boots. a little broom, a square 'freind' with a porcupine quill spear. latch stabs himself on it and he bleeds. its pretty lowkey. but i love it.
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