chris its a bug its a virus it gets you going it makes you nervous it gets you excited it makes youexcited it makes you twitch it makes you sigh it makes you smile about anything you could be jittery to 991211
girl i dont know why i am but lately thats just how ive been 000327
sabbie its my favourite favourite word.

i love it.

i like jittery things.

building little robotic cockroaches that run towards the light and skitter at loud noises and jitter across the wood floor.

see how useful it is?
IKC 56-80 if i could, i would build little nanomachines to replace tattoos with interchangeable designs or, if you programmed them the right way, give you stripes or spots like a housecat or lion or tiger, you could be blue or green or purple if you wanted to

damn, i'm gonna have to get some more of this stuff

but u can call me "smokey"
just because the world
seems all shaken up today...
hsg hehht_humm 100722
what's it to you?
who go