docrivs I am so tired of useless intercourse and painless foreplay that leads to no inner levels of meaning and synchronous sensuality 031230
Doar what is in this life of messes,
that would cause me to think even more disassociately in this pathway?

left to your own devices,
a need of more,
a twist of the wrist,
letting you fall.
REAListic optimIST for the one fleeting, fragile moment
our paths intertwined maddeningly;
caressing and stroking and pulsing
coarsing along the same course
twisting and grasping until
our sharp intakes of breath
indicate the tangible quickening.
we rush to meet our undoing
and as our courses recede
i find no solace
in the decaying bond that once
held our paths parallel.
docrivs and this seems still so interesting, sorts. due in part to long separation, and virginial vestiges of pulp.
i am not sure where this will lead,

and i find this feeling most exciting.
docrivs directions taken in turn
burn again together
we join each other
learning from the roads
we travel
definitely not alone
docrivs partly not together
but definitely not alone
what's it to you?
who go