caxton Its something that I never thought was real... 031116
AndyMC Gross immorality or injustice. A moral fault or failing; especially, immoral conduct or habit, as in the indulgence of degrading appetites; customary deviation in a single respect, or in general, from a right standard, implying a defect of natural character, or the result of training and habits; a harmful custom; immorality; depravity; wickedness; as, a life of vice; the vice of intemperance. Till the world from his perfection fell Into all filth and foul iniquity. 040307
Jayanne No I will not
Go down that road
That leads me
Away from you
I will not give in
To the immature vision
Of my previous self
Because I simply couldn't
Look you in the face
And know I pleased you
I wouldn't be called
Faithful and good
Servant of you Most High
The image of deception
Tells me it's harmless
But I know better
Of it's plan to destroy me
That in time I might
Give birth to greater monsters
I want to live in the light
Of the eternal rewards
In purity and holiness
Watching you fight my battle
Standing tall and looking down
At what was my iniquity
what's it to you?
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