mon uow "and you should be as well" 050401
three words i_am_happy happiness_vs_contentment the_fool 050913
Freak She is the love of my life. I couldn't imagine existing without her with me. I finally understand unconditional_love . 050913
stork daddy i'm probably not yet. but i think i have the means and the justification of those means about figured out. 050913
nom it is a new_year 060101
jane !!!!!!!! 070502
hee hee! oh...
why is New years such a downer..?

you always expect .. something better thats why !

well... what is time but a made up cycle !

fuck a watch... go by shadows.

guess the time by looking at the sun!

i do !
nom i am not 070503
what's it to you?
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