delial I wanted to be either an egyptologist or a paleontologist.
These days, artistic endeavors are my focus.

So, I'd_like_to_know,
what did you want to be when you grew_up?
Or, what do you still want to be when you "grow_up"?
Jen I want to be invisible and have noone know that I ever existed, so I can watch everyone go about their lives and smile at how trivial it all is. 041209
you say that no one understands
look at your hands
they're shaking like a leaf
why don't you follow me
I'll take away the memories
and all the pain
of your grown up life
and make you young
and I'll try to understand
if you don't want to grow down
and are happy in your hectic
grown up world of weariness
mon uow what_i_always_wanted_to_be_when_i_grew_up 050409
no reason i thought i had gotten over this 080106
what's it to you?
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