me? "there is no governor anywhere, and everyone is absolutely free"
amy No time to campaign in New Hampshire because Gubernor George W. Bush had govenatorial obligations. 000203
birdmad the steep and greasy slope from the courtroom to the death house

the evisceration of the safety nets

exculpatory evidence should never get in the way of political expediencey
endless desire NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
recall the fing recall.
Death of a Rose okay dave, you see here, that's what we call a governor, it regulates or restricts if you will, the flow of power to the accelerator. you see how it's kinda rusted through, that's caused by this little particles that 'donate/buy' heaps and heaps of 'special funds' to help the governor keep governing. but there are other govenors out there that want to take this 'thankless' job. but they are basically the same. if you happen to find one that regulates the power flow well, doesn't rust easily and has a anit-pariculate field around it, buy the fucker now and don't let go. does that help? 031014
President Leechman Cybernetics - from KYBERNETES, steersman, the study of feedback loops, and natural governors as well as artificial ones. Even the Invisible hand Society (TANSTAGI) recognises a governor... the invisible hand itself. 040601
what's it to you?
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