js I want to know every piece of land. I want to go everywhere but never be a foreigner. 041110
dandy Sin is largely a matter of geography, someone said.
where are you at on that?
anomalous i love atlases. 050504
andru235 i too would like to see all of earth's landscapes, but i could do without the people (including those of 'my own ethnicity')

that northeastern mountain range in siberia is pretty mysterious

and in the far south, ile de kerguelen appeals when i am feeling forlorn

but though i will always wonder what antarctica would look like minus the ice, i really would rather not find out!
emmi when did love become so dependent on geography? 050505
cfr0st why did it matter on days when it happened and when he meant to fix this the geography of it had all but disappeared.. 070224
what's it to you?
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