misstree and it started with me wearing rabbit ears and gluing fabric to my nose and putting into my system a small smear of drugs, some intoxicants, some to combat a cold.

and it ended with me playing "what's up my ass" for the alberta clown house.

and in the middle there was champagne and dancing and being lassooed and sharing bubbles and every manner of laughter.

and eris was hailed
and more importantly
the fool was celebrated
u24 just for the record, what *was* up your ass? 070401
Lemon_Soda I need a picture of the end product still, Sister. 070401
Lemon_Soda You know I loves me some furry. 070401
misstree it was a rubber chicken pen.

yes, i had a plastic cock in my ass.

i had started the evening silently envying a 4" rubber chicken, thinking that it would be the perfect thing to carry around in my codpiece, then setting the thought aside. at the end of the contest, i got to keep the chicken.

the Fool delivered.
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