johncalvin Intermediatly dangerous, thus only seen as safe
can be odd to suprise, yet surpreamly normal
is dangerous, that it causes pain, there for, call me dangerous
i don't cause pain, but rather its first cousin, with no name
its a family of pains and pain killers, you would never thin that they would marry, yet they do, and it ends in disaster, another family member of pain, and can only be split like an atom, creating the most distructive object for a family to have in its will, and to pass down-carfully- from one generation to the next, from pain to pain killer, from killer to freer, whatsoever it reached the bottle, it was have a dangerous sign on it. Not a sign that says dangerous, but that of one that is dangerous, one that can cause pain, and start a whole new branch of the pain family
freakizh my tongue wants to pass through this closed lips, and expose the libido that breathes inside me each time your delicate and soft eyes seem to be around. 020211
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