stork daddy that's a dandy lion you have there sir...

yes, yes it is...and if you blow it, scattering its seeds...it'll grant you any wish.

that's how these things start. but the chap was smart...and wished that he had never done it. If you bring a flower back from the future...that means its atoms had not assembeled yet and were all about the earth perhaps.
daxle dandelion, taraxacum officinalis,
uses: Treat liver function and disorders ( Hepatitis, jaundice) - Aids the liver in removing excess estrogen from a womans body which helps restore a healthy hormone balance. - Increases the production of bile which aids the digestive tract (gallbladder and gallstones.) - protects nerves from infection - Flower: used in conjunction with Vitamin A and fish oil for correcting night vision. Steamed along with the leaves for an addition to salads. - Leaves: A juice can be extracted from the leaves -Root: A Tea or coffee like beverage is made from dried chopped root , and the leaves.
silentbob we found this mutant dandilion with many dandilions stuck together in one big green bunch 020430
second string substitute spell check and then there was that dandelion too 020430
stork daddy how do i spell lameass? 020430
girl_jane dandelion



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