SomeoneElse Turns me into the devils work.
Never let that certain someone get high as a kite on a handgrenade.
I warned ya...
MollyGoLightly Instant association: Cider House Rules. This is a disappointingly bad movie. 000410
fairydust my grandmother gave us apple cider mix a long time ago. We never used it because it didn't taste good, but we still kept it in the refrigerator anyway. Sometimes I would go and just smell it, inhaling the wonderous scent of a country christmas as I imagined it to be, from books and t.v. 000410
Forming Mind like sweet nectar to the tongue,
your mouth is watering for more,
before the first swallow has departed your mouth.
freeze apple goodness in each gulp.
Snow White should have had cider.
what's it to you?
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