Leah it wasn't the way you made the coffee, it was the way you held onto my thumb as i grabbed the cup from you 000408
MollyGoLightly va-va-va-voom 000408
splinken back off. 030627
illusionary_reality whoooosh! and it comes. 'tis dangerous. beware. don't let it land on you and blows you to pieces and devour you bit by bit. don't let it tear you apart, inside out. don't conform in mute pleadings as it descends upon you. instead, wait for it to come. then run and do not stop.

if it annihilates you, you bloody well make sure you do the same to me so we can lie in our corner of hell forever.
birdmad i follow a call out from the safety of the shadows i lurk just as the next round of them starts raining 040626
what's it to you?
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