paste! you sit there, observing a single gray pebble on the green tablecloth. an albino ladybug, miserable, on the notecard. elsewhere, an indisruptable vinyl siding over your brain; at night it becomes the decay of research. there's a shitload of wind. in comes wonderbat. wonderbat eats the albino ladybug because it cannot remember its set of values much less the long-erased phone number. you fall on your face, dizzy like cotton candy as it's being made. 011107
supersonic paranoid schizophrenic Well is all in your head your brains or your toes? or perhaps some occult third opposite instead?
Under such is death in life like the rest so we incorporate all forms of contradiction
mortality allows it
I think
and act
and nothing so contradicted could ever be eternal and that's the beauty of it.
All in all, I believe as such in utterly stupefying interchangeable sets alone.
what's it to you?
who go