werewolf We mustn't waste our energy questioning the worthwhileness of everything, it is best to invest that energy in the task, whatever it may be. If it is worthwhile let it show its worthwhileness. There are certain answers we cannot find a more concise expression for. Some situations are random numbers and cannot be expressed unless by themselves. And we never know which are which until we stumble upon the answer. So to wait for the answer to an unsolvable proof is to be frozen in inaction forever. We can never tell if some action of ours could be expressed more concisely, with greater purpose and order and beauty, so it is best to throw ourselves at the limits of our systems with gusto. We are far from a self contained system and the way we make any progress is by seizing each point with our complete intention, and then backing off and tabulating the results, rather than trying to work the real world out from a theory. And yet, we know concisely enough that a lion has a higher probablity of eating us than hugging us if it sees us, though there is no proof. Fuzzy logic wins the day, fuzzy logic is the logic our minds prefer, the logic inaccessible to and dismissed by formal logic. 020524
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