Quintessensual A neat movie.

The more subtle messages are clearer if one grew up before 1965, and very clear if one both did that and had a strict Catholic upbringing.
nocturnal never saw it. got too much attention from the academy to have been of any real value. 010409
devotchka why do you say that? 010409
nocturnal because it did, and, with the exception of erin brakovich, I never like the movies they like. the selection of winners and nominees all depends on either who spent the most money for their useless effects, or who spent the least and it showed. 010409
cazzi i saw it last night...i enjoyed it, but i had only just finished the book which was so completely better (they always ruin a good book by making it into a film) that i was annoyed at so many bits of it...but nevertheless, i think it deserved most of the hype 010410
celestias shadow what more do you need in LIFE than johnny depp and lots of chocolate? i'd never leave the fucking house. 030805
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