typhoid really, you are the vaguest person in the world. you even can't tell if you are talking to yorself.

vaguely vaxinating valent vixen veering valeward.
better than 'flaxinating'.
Equin0x Sorta. Kinda. Ish.
Or something.
Suzy because you need us to make up your mind. The Literary Pimps will lead you by the hand and corrupt your mind with unacceptable aquaintances. You need us to funnel your thoughts until you almost nearly sometimes maybe understand and wish you had thought of it yourself. Did you think of it yourself? 010217
god rock on! 010218
yoha he loves me. 070219
stephshine 2 things i have noticed about vagueness and people.

they are either lying or have no freaking clue what they are talking about but want you to think otherwise.

this is why i am so partial to specifics.
what's it to you?
who go