unhinged '...but i must point out that i was most often subjected to active and passive racism when i threatened the status quo - when i was the native student who was smarter than the white kids or when i was a better basketball player or debater or actor or comedian or public speaker. or most revealingly when a white girl fell in romantic like or love with me.

in reardan i was subjected to racism when certain white folks feared i was taking something away from them.

i was subjected to racism when certain white folks were afraid of me, the indigenous usurper.

so in the context of the 2016 presidential election, does any of this sound familiar?

in 2016 white conservatives elected as a president a serial liar who is likely the most fearful and paranoid and wildly insecure white man who has ever run for office.

and those white folks elected him because they believe they are victims. yes i am a spokane indian - an indigenous american - who grew up with white folks who think this country is being stolen from them.


- alexie sherman
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