Midnight Bliss of can only tolerate so much, ya know? pain and can only put up with so much, life is a turmoil of tolerence... 000320
hak actually, i could be angry forever. 000516
Brad Zero Tolerance for Silence 000516
silentbob i do not tolerate gay bashing. i stand up for those people. i also do not tolerate penises in my ass. i stand up to those people. 000603
Brad has anyone noticed that this entry is misspelled? Tolerance doesn't have three e's. 000604
wingedserpent i would say that i have no tolerance for poor spelling, but i have never, and will never be typo free 000604
andru235 bad spelling need not be merely toleratid, but sometimes, it ought be celebraided! cuz sometimes its super silli!

it's misspelt_blathes_day! we can all benefit from a little tolerence now and than.
what's it to you?
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