www.snopes.com Snopes gives this one a green light, thereby implying it has been confirmed as true:

"When a Nebraska church exploded in 1950, no one was injured because every member of the choir was late arriving for practice that evening."
thieums You're late and the plane is gone
You're late and the bus drove off
You're late and the ship is adrift
You're late and your love faded away
You're late at that place where what you wanted to find isn't there anymore
Suddenly you realize
You have two feet
And you can walk
Wherever... Whenever...
And tardiness doesn't matter anymore
You just are on time. On your time. On your terms.
And you wander off
Towards new horizons you didn't even think of
niska this is why i don't wear a watch.
i didn't design time, and neither did you.

there is no such thing.
what's it to you?
who go